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Here at Body Design Supplements Ltd our aim is to provide the very best in weight loss, slimming, fat burning & protein supplements for our community.  We provide help & guidance on what supplements may be best in order for you to reach your goals whether its weight loss, burning fat, building muscle or just general health & fitness we can help you reach those goals. All supplements are made in the UK and contain natural ingredients in order to provide you with a high quality product.

If its your first time here at Body Design Supplements please check out the sections listed below to find what you are looking for.  If you are not sure what is best for you click on our Facebook link to find one of our consultants who will be able to give you more information on all of our supplements.

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Weight Loss - Caffeine Based
weight loss supplements caffeine free
Weight Loss - Caffeine Free
Slimming drinks & fat burning juice
Slimming Drinks Range
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Body Protein Shakes
Wellbeing Range
inch loss & body wrap kits
Inch Loss Range
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Detox Range
Protein Snacks
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Beauty Range
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Weight Loss Supplements, Slimming Tablets & Fat Burners

Body Design Supplements Ltd are committed to providing our community with the best weight loss supplements, fat burners, slimming tablets to help aid with reaching your slimming and weight loss goals.  Our fat burning & slimming juice and other weight loss supplements are extremely effective we also provide high quality protein & muscle building supplements all using natural ingredients.  We also provide a wide range of other health & beauty & well-being products which will help you in creating a new and healthier you!

With Body Design Supplements Ltd we are not just a supplier of weight loss supplements, slimming tablets, fat burners & protein supplements we believe in creating a community where we can provide help & support to all of our users and help them work towards their own health and fitness goals.  We also provide helpful resources such as diet plans, recipes & workout plans which can be found on the tab above or in our blog section on the website which is full of useful weight loss and fitness suggestions to help you meet your weight loss goals.

Supplements from Body Design Supplements Ltd are designed to help aid in weight loss, muscle development & fat burning, but these should always be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise for the best results.  Following these tips will put you on the road to creating the body you desire!

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Guide To Buying Weight Loss & Slimming Supplements Online

It can be an extremely difficult task to buy weight loss & slimming supplements online because there are so many different types of supplements and all making various different claims.  Below we have put a few key pointers which will hopefully help you decide exactly what supplements you are looking for:

Weight Loss Supplements - weight loss supplements work usually in a couple of ways, they work as appetite suppressants to reduce your hunger and help you eat less or by making you feel fuller for longer with something like Body Fibre.

Fat Burners & Fat Burning/Slimming Juice - fat burners & fat burning or slimming juice are designed to increase and speed up the metabolism.  By doing this the body creates a thermogenic furnace which means that it starts to burn more calories for longer which then helps with weight & fat loss.

Protein Supplements - body protein supplements are designed to help people who are looking to develop some lean muscle and lose weight.  Protein is the building blocks of muscle and you will have little of no chance of building muscle without increasing your protein intake.  Protein is also extremely good for losing weight as the body burns far more calories digesting protein than it does and other food source.

For more information on buy weight loss & slimming supplements online please visit our online shop

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