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About Us

Buying supplements online can be a little daunting because there are so many suppliers and different types of products around.  We believe in helping and educating our customers about what products are best for what they want to achieve.  All of our supplements are manufactured in the UK and all include only natural ingredients which means we can assure our customers that they are safe and meet all EU regulations.

Here at Body Design Supplements Ltd we give you the help, support and supplements that are proven to work and give you the boost you need to get the body YOU want.  If you have any questions about buying our supplements online then please contact us on any of the social media links above or by clicking here to email us. 

Body Design Supplements Mission

To give you the confidence, support and supplements that will get you to where you want to be, to feel amazing about yourself and your health & well-being. It's our aim to make sure we provide you with the supplements and knowledge to help you reach your end goal of what is healthy for you!

With over 6 years experience in weight management and nutrition we have various meal plans, useful tips as well as some fantastic tried and tested supplements that will help you along your journey with us.

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Why Are We Here?

Body Design Supplements Ltd was launched with the aim of helping everyone achieve the goals they want to achieve not only in weight loss but in health too.


With over 6 years experience in the weight loss and nutrition industry we decided to set up Body Design Supplements Ltd and bring our skills, experience and ideas direct to our own customers. 


We spent years researching to find the best natural supplements to help you along your journey and reach your goals. We are proud to bring you safe & natural supplements that are value for money and most importantly that see results. Along side this we are extremely proud to be working with a team of passionate and understanding consultants who offer unrivaled support though out your journey with us and beyond.


With thousands of happy customers already we are growing extremely fast and we can't wait to help you and see what results you can achieve. 

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