If you want to lose inches and look and feel your best, look no further than our Body Wraps, they target the fat cells in the areas applied by dehydrating them.


The kit consists of a tub of body contouring clay, wrapping bandages and a tape measure. The clay contains over 70 minerals and volcanic ash, which naturally contains detoxifying agents. As a result, it helps detoxify your body, tightening loose skin and improving the appearance of cellulite.


Whether you use them on your stomach, bum, arms or hip area, the elasticated compression bandages help to shape and lift your body, producing astonishing results.


The kits are perfect for improving your shape, slimming into an outfit or toning certain areas.


You can also use this body wrap on your face or neck, however, as this is a sensitive area we recommend you only remain in the wrap for 10-20 minutes.



Body Wrap Clay Kit

  • You can wrap anywhere! Arms, legs, tummy, hips, bum even your chin!


    Leave for one hour and see the fantastic results.


    Each kit will give you up to 30 partial wraps or 8/9 full body wraps (size dependant)