Our Protein Sample Kit will give you the opportunity to try our Protein Shakes and see a difference!


Whether you are an avid Gym Goer or just want to use it as a Meal Replacement...these are a fab way of helping to increase Protein after or before a workout or gym session or to help burn fat!


Our Protein Shakes are packed with Fat Burning Ingredients and are fantastic for weight loss as well! Packed with 21g of Protein per serving and only 117 calories per Shake these really are a hit!


Boostballs are hitting the UK and are so popular...made by a local company to us, we are lucky to be able to bring you the best offer on them! 

These energy balls are high in protein which is the building blocks for muscle growth. They contain only natural sugars found in fruits and plants. So they are perfect for a nutritious snack, after workout protein replenishment or as an energy booster during exercise.


Like all good protein bars,  Boostballs also contain a rich source and wide variety of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B, E, B12, Calcium, Iron and Zinc.


The Protein Sample Kit will contain 7 day Sample Sachets of our Protein Shakes*, plus 3 bags of Boostballs.


*Shake flavours may vary.

Protein Sample Kit