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Body Protein Supplements & Shakes

Why Choose Our Body Protein Shakes & Supplements?

If you are looking to develop and build muscle while also trying to lose weight, then our body protein shakes are exactly what you are looking for!  Our blended body protein includes whey protein & soya protein isolate for good muscle development and green tea extract, acai berry extract and acetyl l-carnitine all designed to help you lose weight and stay lean while working out.

In order to build muscle or prevent muscle breakdown when trying to lose weight you must ensure that you are feeding your body enough protein to feed and repair the muscle fibres.  Our body protein shakes are just the protein supplement required for both women and men to help you reach your goals.

Body protein supplements are great for women & men & are extremely effective for weight loss & building lean muscle.  Our Body protein shakes contain 21 grams of protein per serving as well as all of the weight loss ingredients & our vegan body protein shake has a whopping 38 grams of protein per serving to really boost your daily protein intake.

Please remember that supplements are designed to be part of a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating, good hydration and some form of walking or exercise to get your heart rate increasing a few days a week.  Our  body protein supplements are here to give you that extra kick or boost to help you develop and increase you muscle mass and strength.

Still not sure?  Then why not head over to our samples page and try some samples of our body protein shakes and see which flavours you like before buying a whole tub?

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